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Powered Stairclimbers offer a range of powered stair climber products specially designed to move goods up-and-down stairs with the minimum of physical effort. One of the leading stairclimber products we can provide is the Cargo Master C-141 Vario due to its incredibly flexible design (accessories and custom modifications available) and its proven reliability in the workplace.

If you'd like to learn more about the Cargo Master, you can contact us for a one-to-one chat about your particular handling or mobility difficulties.

As well as the Cargo Master C-141 we also provide mobility solutions such as the C-MAX U1 a push wheelchair with stair climbing function; the C-MAX U2 a stairclimber wheelchair; and the S-MAX, a newly developed powered climbing system with low load alternation for easy and safe handling. The S-MAX is applicable to virtually all commercially available wheelchairs.

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More about the Cargo master C-141 Vario  [attachments]

C-141 Vario For more information on the Cargo master C-141 Vario click here.

Regardless of what you need to transport, be it boxes, crates, washing machines, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, tiles, paper, cement, tools, gas- or oxygen tanks, cleaning equipment, radiators, barrels - you name it - Cargo Master is the answer!
Just as powered drilling, sawing or milling is a matter of course nowadays, one climbs stairs in a powered way with the Cargo Master.
One person alone can carry loads up to 140kg quickly and with virtually no physical effort safely and easily up- and downstairs. The most decisive advantages of the Cargo Master are its low weight of merely 19.5kg (without the batteries) and its easy handling.

All Cargo Master models are equipped with solid rubber tyres that are flat proof. Also safety brakes and a fold-in toe plate that locks (for transportation in small delivery vehicles) are standard features as well. To be able to use the Cargo Master at any time, you may also charge the batteries in your car (with the optional 12V or 24V charging cable).

Charger unit  safety brakes  winch attachment  fits in the boot of a car!

The most impressive advantages of the Cargo Master C-141 Vario are;

  • easy handling
  • low weight of approximately 20.5kg (plus batteries)
  • small size of 106 x 45 x 30cm
  • adjustable grips in height and angle
  • Accessories and Attachments

    The Cargo Master equipped with the c-system can be used in a versatile and flexible way. Nearly any kind of goods can be transported with it. Extensive accessories solve even difficult problems of transportation.
    Customized versions of the Cargo Master are also available on demand.

    On level ground Cargo Master works like a regular hand trolley. The batteries necessary to climb stairs are charged with the charger that comes as part of the standard delivery package.
    In addition all devices can be charged in the car with a special charging cable (accessory). That way the Cargo Master is ready to use all day long. For extreme continuous use a second set of batteries is available.

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